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A High-standard "Benchmark Factory"

From:Admin   Time:2019-12-24

Dec 4, 2019, engines of bulldozers, road rollers and other equipment roared beside the Junjun Avenue in the European and American Industrial Park in Suining City. China Chenggong Heavy Industry would build new plant facilities including R & D center, office building, laboratory, joint production workshop, auxiliary building, etc. before September next year.



New factory


"Chenggong strictly requires the construction partner according to the heavy industry land leveling standards." "Complete the field leveling operations within the next month." "Compaction factor reaches 0.93; compaction operates every 30 cm; the compaction equipment is not less than 20 ton; filler particle diameter is no more than 30cm "... introduced by Xie Jieming, deputy head of the Construction Committee for Chenggong Heavy Industry (Suining) Machinery Co.Ltd  new factory project. Field leveling operations were the basis for later construction. Only with a high standard foundation will there be a “lean manufacturing” factory.


Construction site field leveling operations


Chenggong Heavy Industry Suining Plant Construction Schedule


Oct 16, 2019 Project signing

Nov 5, 2019 Chenggong Heavy Industry (Suining) Machinery Co., Ltd. was established

Nov 8, 2019 Project registration filing

Nov 15, 2019 Obtained the right to use construction land

Dec 4, 2019 Field leveling operations began

Dec 18, 2019 Planning and design passed review



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