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Epidemic prevention method when driving wheel loader

From:Admin   Time:2020-02-04

Recently, the epidemic broke out on a large scale, which has caused problems for our loader customers. Let the editors share with you some small methods of using the loader for epidemic prevention, for your reference.


What is coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) ?


The coronavirus-infected pneumonia is a severe acute infectious pneumonia caused by a coronavirus (2019-nCoV) not previously found in humans. The confirmed forms of transmission are respiratory tract transmission and direct contact transmission. The incubation period is about 10 days, the shortest is 1 day, and the longest is 14 days. The incubation period is infectious.


Prevention methods


1. Masks are essential


The mask can effectively prevent the virus from spreading from the carrier to the surroundings. The correct wearing of masks for uninfected persons can greatly reduce the possibility of pathogens being inhaled and infected by the respiratory tract. When driving a vehicle, the driver of the loader will inevitably communicate with other personnel. If it is a shift working condition, the driving environment of the loader will be more complicated. Therefore, the loader driver should also wear a mask when driving the vehicle to prevent the virus from spreading or being inhaled.



Wear mask correctly


The choice of masks: medical N95, FPP2 masks (mainly used by medical personnel, and the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the standard test conditions); medical surgical masks (standard medical surgical masks are divided into 3 layers, suitable for people in most public Location).


 Medical N95 mask                                                                    Medical surgical mask


The correct procedure for wearing a mask: make sure that the end of the mask has the metal strip facing up, hang the rope at both ends on the ear (or put it on the head and neck); put the protective mask on the nose, mouth and chin, and the nose clip part should be close to the face ; The fingertip is placed on the metal nose clip to move and press from the middle position to both sides to ensure the tightness of the mask.



2. Disinfection and sterilization


 The loader epidemic prevention area is mainly concentrated in the cab, and it is particularly important to do the disinfection and sterilization of the cab. Because there are many electrical instruments in the cab, it is not suitable for large area washing and spraying of disinfectant. We can dip the cloth with disinfectant, wipe the steering wheel, instrument panel, window, driving seat, pilot lever, door handle armrest and other facilities, or use a sprayer with a good atomization effect to evenly spray on the surface of the above facilities. Wipe again with a rag. The disinfection frequency is generally one disinfection per day or disinfection by rotation shift. Specifically, the frequency can be increased according to the complexity of the driving environment and the local epidemic situation. Document pockets, stylus pens, equipment keys, etc. that are touched by multiple people should also be properly disinfected according to the frequency of transmission.


Develop a good habit of washing hands frequently. Wash hands with soap and running water, or disinfectants containing alcohol. The correct method is: palm to palm, palm of hand pressed against the back of the hand, rubbing fingers together, rubbing the joints of the hand, thumb for the pivot, rubbing the palm of the fingertips, don't let go of the wrist.




3. Minimize non-essential personnel to the cab


During the special period of the epidemic, try not to let other people go to the loader cab and touch the driving facilities and equipment. The work, rest and dining of the loader staff should also be carried out as far as possible.



4. Avoid contact with wild animals


Most of the loader works in the wild. Operators should try to avoid contact with wild animals, especially rodents such as bats and rodents, and other animals that behave abnormally or die. Do not eat unquarantined or undercooked food.



5. How to do it on the way to and from work


After washing hands, wear a medical mask to go out, and go back home to take off the mask. When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask, and remove it from both sides of the mask strap. Used masks cannot be discarded at will. Spray alcohol and disinfectant before discarding. Keep the room ventilated and hygienic clean to avoid gatherings of many people.


The above content is based on the "New Pneumonia Protection Manual" of National Infectious Diseases Clinical Medical Research Center, Tencent's "New Pneumonia Protection Manual" and Chenggong’s "Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Control Knowledge Manual".

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