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Ceremony of Chenggong Suining Wheel Loader Project

From:Admin   Time:2020-03-27

With an order from Secretary Shao Gejun, as a provincial key construction project declared by Sichuan Suining, Chenggong Heavy Industry Suining Wheel Loader Project officially started construction.


March 26, the major projects in the first quarter of 2020 in Sichuan Province was concentrated on the Suining branch venue and the Wheel Loader Groundbreaking Ceremony was held at the new plant of Chenggong Suining. Secretary of the Suining Municipal Party Committee Shao Gejun, Mayor Deng Zhengquan, official Liu Yun, Liu Defu, Feng Fagui, Wu Xianghong, Yuan Chao, Zhao Jingdong, Chen Fa, Fu Yong, Suining Economic Development Zone CPC Working Committee Secretary Xiang Li, Chenggong Chairman Zhu Wenbiao, Chenggong manager Xu Bin, Zhu Wenyuan, Tang Yong, Cai Zhengjun, guest Mi Jian, Fang Xiaoping, Zhang Yugang, Li Haiying and representatives of the construction company attended the ceremony .


Xiang Li, Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Suining Economic and Technological Development Zone, said in a speech that she warmly welcomes Chenggong wheel loader project to Suining, injecting new industrial power.



At the groundbreaking ceremony, Chenggong Chairman Zhu Wenbiao expressed his gratitude to all those who provided assistance and hard work for this project. He said, “The Suining Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government have grasped the context of high-quality development and introduced Chenggong to Suining Economic and Technological Development Zone, opening up a new development phase of win-win cooperation between Suining and Chenggong. Chenggong will focus on consolidating the foundation of Suining Heavy Industry and building a new highland for construction machinery in western China. The completion of the new project can create annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan ( nearly 1.42 Billion USD ), which will have a positive impact on tax, employment, and investment promotion; at the same time, it will also lead Chenggong into a century-old enterprise development Journey."



“Chenggong project is a new enterprise in Suining, and Cheng workers are new Suining people. We look forward to receiving everyone’s acceptance, tolerance and care. We will uphold the spirit of the contract, strictly fulfill investment commitments, accelerate project construction, and ensure building and production as soon as possible, and contribute to the economic and social development of Suining."



Deng Zhengquan, Mayor of Suining City, delivered a speech on behalf of the Suining Municipal Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the Municipal Government, and the CPPCC National Committee.” The foundation is of great significance for accelerating the construction of a 5+2+1 modern industrial system in Suining City. I wish this start-up project to achieve early results and progress smoothly.”



Chenggong Suining wheel loader project started in the end of March 2020, and it would complete the construction of the main plant in October of 2020, equipment installations in December of 2020, and officially put into production in January 2021.

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