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Suining VIP customers visiting Chenggong

From:Admin   Time:2020-04-25



On the morning of April 23, 2020, a group of 20 VIP customers from Suining, accompanied by Marketing Minister Wen Jian, visited and inspected Chenggong factory. Chenggong technicians introduced the production process, technical advantages and production capacity, as well as the market situation and future development prospects of the construction machinery industry to the customers in detail.


Zhang Huilin, vice chairman and marketing director of Chenggong, held a meeting with visitors.


Chenggong representative gave a detailed introduction of parts and products to visitors, and provided professional answers to vistors' questions. Customers were satisfied with Chenggong management experience, the lean manufacturing production system, and the "craftsman spirit" of the skilled workers. K series products approached the international advanced manufacturing level.


Customers in factory


Visitors came to the customer experience field to check a variety of loaders and multi-function attachments. Some of vistors with drivers background. were also very interested in driving 950K. The reliability, durability and portability of K series pilot control were highly praised by customers.



Customers in the experience area to test Chenggong K series -- 950K

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