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Chenggong Products at the Sichuan Emergency Rescue Drill

From:Admin   Time:2020-04-25

On April 23, the natural disaster engineering emergency rescue exercise organized by China Anneng Group Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. was held in Chengdu branch. As a member of the emergency rescue team, Chenggong participated with a variety of equipment. Dong Shaotang, full-time deputy commander of the Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters of Sichuan Emergency Department, inspected the application of Chenggong products in emergency rescue missions.



Chenggong CG970K loader, CG950K multifunctional platform and its attachment SWB3500 snow sweeper, SS3600 snow pusher, CG930K multifunctional platform and its attachment MB1200 engineering mixing bucket, SW2600 heavy-duty sweeper, BA60 excavator, AP1200 climbing platform, C18 heavy-duty obstacle clearing forklift participated in the collaborative exercise. Dong Shaotang, deputy commander, observed the precise operation of Chenggong CG970K's "needle threading", the rapid switching of multi-functional attachments, and the high-altitude rescue of the climbing platform.



Dong Shaotang, the deputy commander, made a request after observing the drill "emergency rescue equipment should ensure that the equipment can be used normally at all times, and sufficient equipment inventory should be maintained at all times."



Through this exercise, the coordination capabilities of personnel and equipment in emergency rescue operations between Chenggong and China Aneng Third Engineering Bureau Company have been enhanced. Chenggong would ensure the supply of equipment in accordance with Dong Shaotang, the deputy commander's requirements, so as to "standby and use". In addition, Chenggong would cooperate in-depth with Anneng Group to carry out research on the application of construction machinery in emergency rescue, and develop special emergency rescue equipment according to specific task conditions.


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