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Chenggong a new member of Sichuan Bulk Cement Association

From:Admin   Time:2020-05-17

With the effective control of the domestic epidemic in China, the resumption of work in various industries has started smoothly. At this moment,  VIP guests arrived in Chengdu. On May 15, Yang Lei, deputy director of Sichuan Bulk Cement Development Center, Li Zhenglu, chairman of Sichuan Bulk Cement and Ready-Mixed Mortar Promotion and Development Association, and Yang Pinsheng, secretary general, visited Chenggong.



Chenggong Chairman Zhu Wenbiao said: “Chenggong is an important equipment R&D and manufacturer in the local bulk cement and ready-mix mortar industry in Sichuan. It has been committed to providing customers with attractive products and services. Chenggong has experienced ups and downs. After the reorganization, Chenggong has restructured in R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, service, and employee training, aiming to establish a new benchmark for reliability and durability in the industry. Now Chenggong has been completely new. Bulk cement and ready-mixed mortar industries are One of our largest customer groups. After becoming a member of the association, Chenggong is able to provide members of the association with a variety of models of highly reliable and durable products. Chenggong feels very honored to be able to contribute to the construction of a beautiful hometown."



Yang Lei, deputy director of the Sichuan Bulk Cement Development Center, said: “Chenggong is a local heavy industry machinery enterprise in Sichuan with a history of 70 years. After the reorganization, the company’s quality first strategy is worthy of recognition and appreciation. Through today’s visit, I am more convinced that CG has the technology, equipment and talents to produce first-class quality products for customers."



Chairman Li Zhenglu said: "The association is a good communication platform. Chenggong is a supplier of equipment for the bulk cement and ready-mixed mortar industry. It can actively participate in the affairs of the association and assist in the development of the industry to green and environmental friendly direction. Warmly welcome Chenggong new membership of this association."



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