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Chenggong Emergency Rescue Team in action

From:   Time:2020-06-29

In recent days, heavy rains have continued in the mountainous areas of western Sichuan and geological disasters have occurred frequently. At 10:00 am on June 26, 2020, a serious landslide occurred in Danba County, which caused road interruption and trapped people. After receiving the mission instructions, Deputy General Manager Zhou Gang led the emergency rescue team of China Anneng Third Bureau, organized elite forces, and rushed to the scene to carry out the rescue as soon as possible. The head of the emergency equipment department Li Bo was responsible for equipment support.


Chenggong, as the partner of emergency rescue team of China Anneng, has the same social responsibility. It immediately responded and sent well-trained professional equipment operators and rescue equipment to the disaster site in accordance with the emergency rescue linkage mechanism. In order to improve the rescue capability, Chenggong team originally planned to send the heavy rescue equipment CG990K to the disaster area. After communicating with the frontline, due to the restricted road conditions and the complicated disaster situation, it urgently switched to CG950K.


With the social mission, the team members rushed to the target area overnight and camped there to ensure that they could pass through the dangerous area tomorrow morning and reach the disaster site as quickly as possible.




Large rescue equipment CG970K


Sufficient equipment inventory like CG990K


Checking equipment


Equipment departure

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