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Chenggong in Chengdu Natural Disaster rescue base

From:Admin   Time:2020-09-03

Sep 3, Natural disaster engineering rescue base of the Ministry of Emergency Management was officially established in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan province. Chenggong emergency rescue team also participated in the opening ceremony and the practical exercise.



China Annen Group Third Engineering Bureau had the basic functions of emergency command, rescue, training and drill, material storage and transportation, etc. China Annen Group Third Engineering Bureau won the nickname as iron army for its long time history of hydro-power plants in China west region, participating in many key projects like three gorges dam, south-north water diversion project, power transmission from west to east, the natural gas from the West to the East, the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Wenchuan earthquake relief, Gansu Zhouqu mudslide disaster, East star sink-ship and other 70 times of major rescue mission. As Annen Group partner, Chenggong, recognized by the national emergency rescue organization, had a professional research and development team with advanced technology, flexible and diverse accessories collocation ability, becoming the national emergency rescue equipment manufacturing base.


Member of Chenggong Heavy Industry Emergency Rescue Team


CG950k loader, SWB3500 snow sweeper, SS3600 snow shovel, CG930k loader, MB1200 mixing bucket,

SW2600 sweeper, BA60 digging device and obstacle removal fork wheel loader were present at the exhibition. After the ceremony, Guo Zhiwu, director of the Rescue coordination and Plan Management Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, visited Chenggong emergency rescue series and inspected the equipment performance on the spot.



Chenggong Series Equipment


Guests visited Chenggong removal fork wheel loader

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