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New Age For Chenggong after 70-years

From:Admin   Time:2020-09-08

A new era of history began since New China born in 1950. In response to the industrial trend, Chengdu Hongqi Iron Factory was established. From the general machinery in the 1950s to the tractors in the 1960s and the loaders in the 1970s, Chengdu Hongqi Iron Factory has gone through numerous trials and tribulations from the trial production of the first Z1-4 crawler loaders to the mass production of ZL20 and ZL30 wheel loaders. Reform and open policies made China prospers again, and international market pushed Chenggong into high-speed way. A modern manufacturing company with the wisdom of several generations, gathering the management essence of global construction machinery industry, equipping the world's advanced equipment, integrating the excellent technical standards, presents its dynamic image in front of the world.


Chenggong History


In 1964, the first Z1-4 rear-discharge crawler loader was successfully produced in China


In 1978, Science Conference Award for China's first new ZL20, 30 wheel loader


In 1984, it was renamed "Chengdu Construction Machinery Factory".


In 2020,Chengong is celebrating its 70th birthday.Recalling the eventful years in the past and looking forward to the splendid future, Cheng Gong has experienced a great change from nothing to nothing and from small to large.The vigorous growth of ChengGong cannot leave the feeding of The Times, and the growth of the Republic also has our bricks and mortar.The unyielding efforts of several generations of workers have created the perseverance and maturity of the workers.Look at the vicissitudes of the world, bow to serve the economy and society.Chenggong will uphold the values of "technology creates value, value gifts society", and serve the society with higher quality, better service and value return.

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