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CG960K is coming

From:Admin   Time:2021-10-30

With continuous pursuit and continuous surpassing, Chenggong has made new achievements. Since the launch of the new wheel loader CG960K , the performance of the new wheel loader CG960K has been rising steadily and the praise has been acclaimed, which means that Chenggong's technical update has reached a new level.

Quality upgrade

CG960K is a large-tonnage wheel loader that continues the high-efficiency operating system of Chenggong's unique TEAM system. Adhering to the characteristics of Chenggong Heavy Industry's reliable and durable products, this model adopts Chenggong TEAM technology, which stimulates surging strength while significantly reducing fuel consumption. The performance is fully upgraded. It is equipped with a pilot hydraulic operating system, which is flexible and more efficient.

Machine introduction

Equipped with the top domestic Weichai WP10G National III emission Chenggong special electronic control engine, strong power.

The wear resistance of the main blade of the bucket is increased by 1.5 to 2 times.

Three groups of working headlights, with high brightness, strong penetrating power and high working efficiency at night.

Compared with the 5T machine model, the breakout force is increased by 25%, the operating weight is increased by 16%, the bucket capacity is increased by more than 16%, and the rated load capacity is increased by 20%, which is extremely cost-effective.