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The first product promotion meeting of Chenggong in Suining

From:Admin   Time:2021-01-26

On January 21, 2021, the product promotion meeting of China Chenggong Heavy Industry (Suining) Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Dongxu International Hotel. The promotion was supported by Suining government and the economic and technological development zone. Many local engineering construction enterprises participated in this meeting.


Cai Zhengjun, Head of R&D and Manufacturing of China Chenggong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., led the participants to visit the manufacturing area of Chenggong Suining factory. All participants checked the manufacturing process of "Made in Suining" products.



The equipment had been installed and adjusted. Some workshops started the production. Welding, product assembly... The workers were busy at their posts. In the equipment exhibition area, all kinds of heavy machinery products were on display.




At the promotion meeting, Zhu Wenbiao, chairman of China Chenggong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., described the brand history, corporate mission, and development vision of Chenggong. Subsequently, Chengong reached a mutually beneficial and win-win consensus with Suining Guangli Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Suining Kaiqi Asset Management Co., Ltd., Suining Fusheng Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Suining Economic Development Zone Sand and Stone Confederation, and signed product production and marketing agreements.



Chengong, adhering to the technology, quality and service, was committed to become the industry leader under the new economic situation, a charismatic enterprise, helping Suining to become an important machinery and equipment production base in western China.

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