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Fire emergency training

From:Admin   Time:2021-02-09

On Feb 9th, in order to improve the workers' awareness of fire and understand the skill of fire escape,  a fire emergency training in the new Suining factory was held. Cai Zhengjun, miniter of the R&D and manufacturing department, arranged a fire drill around the factory and made fire emergency plans.



At 11 a.m., when the intercom said "Factory on fire..." Fire emergency drill officially started. Under the command of Cai Zhengjun, all employees in the factory quickly entered the emergency evacuation state and left the factory in order according to the designated escape route to the safe area.



After the training, Yang Mo, the safety and environmental protection specialist, explained the fire extinguishing principle and ioperation steps about dry powder fire extinguishers. Through the experiment, the staff actually broke the psychology of "fear and panic" and improved the fire fighting and rescue skills.




Through this training activity, employees mastered the use of fire extinguishers and fire evacuation skills, and improved the ability of fire emergency response and emergency rescue. This training embodied "the ability to check and eliminate fire hazards, the ability to fight and rescue primary fire, the ability to organize evacuation and escape, and the ability to educate fire awareness".

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