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CG958K is coming

From:Admin   Time:2021-05-18

On May 8, 2021, the new CG958K wheel loader was launched,demonstrating Chenggong constant pursuit of quality, as well as the attitude of lean production.


CG958K wheel loader is a newly developed strategic product in 2021, meeting customers' demand for greater loading capacity.


TEAM high hydraulic system, 170 KN bucket breakout force, full flow amplification steering system,  and steering speed would be faster in proportion with steering force. Flexible steering in limite space ; international advanced high pressure pipeline equipment reduce manufacturing defects to zero. Large diameter hydraulic pipeline reduce the energy consumption in the process of hydraulic power transmission, reducing the cost of use. Advanced steel pipe welding technology ensures that smooth welding, no slag pollution, and small the liquid flow resistance in the pipe.


This model carries the business philosophy of Chenggong: Reliable and Durable.



New features :


1. Rated load capacity increased to 5.5 ton.

2. Rated power increased to 170KW.

3. Maximum traction and breakout force are increased to 180kN and 170kN respectively.


The advantage of this model is that the increase of rated load weight can effectively improve the working efficiency of customers. Secondly, its fuel consumption is equivalent to that of 5-ton loader after measurement, which reducing the energy consumption cost . Of course,  stronger engine power also makes CG958K better adapt to different operating environment;




A. The new shock absorption structure of the water tank avoids the radiator channel weld crack. Compared with the previous generation, its durability greatly improved.


B. Multi-stage fuel and air filtration system can effectively deal with multi-dust conditions, ensuring the cleanliness of the engine system, preventing early engine wear, and improving the fuel combustion rate.


C. The new integrated radiator improves the heat dissipation effect of  the torque converter, and ensuring that the oil temperature and water temperature are stable in the best state.


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