A multi-function platform

Maximize investment return

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In order to enhance the platform function of the wheel loader and meet the growing market demands for the economic development strategy,the mufti-functional plan is an important mission for China Chenggong Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. It also improves final clients investment value.International mature platform technology and the craftsman spirit is embodied in every detail of design, manufacture and service.Such plan changes wheel loader into a multi-purpose platform meeting the needs of a variety of operations.

Major specification
  • Operation weight:1320kg
  • L x W x H(mm):2150/1540/1190mm
  • Bucket size:1.2m³
  • Rated pressure:18MPa
  • Optional device 1:Quick hitch
  • Optional device 2:Cement bag breaker
  • Optional device 3:Front discharge chute
  • Optional device 4:Bucket bottom door
  • Optional device 5:Bucket side door
  • Suitable for wheel loader:3 tons wheel loader

Segmented multi-spiral and cross-flow mixing technology
Mixing material diameter up to 10 cm
No dead corner, no stuck and concrete mixing in fast speed and uniform situation
Easy mobility
Suitable for 3 ton wheel loader
Concrete cost down more than 50%
Extremely compressing labor costs
Speeding up construction progress
Adaptable to the construction environment