A multi-function platform

Maximize investment return

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The snow shovel could change a variety of working actions for different road widths as needed.The left and right swing control not only cleans snow roads but also anti-icing.The three-dimensional floating connection and the design of the design of the supporting wheels ensure a good profile following the lateral and horizontal slopes,and also keep stable maintenance of the blade ground clearance,meeting the needs of road snow removal in different road conditions.

Major specification
  • L x W x H(mm):1535/3600/1325
  • Left and Right swing angle:±30°
  • Max lifting height:310mm
  • Spring and mechanism:Eights prings and four blades
  • Cross slope angle:±10°
  • Suitable for wheel loader:5 ton wheel loader

Working range indicating device and lighting equipment to ensure clear width


Heavy-duty support wheel, economical and durable


Deflector, effective separation of water and snow


Block-type obstacle-blocking system for easy operation