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The first side-dump wheel loaders were delivered to Anneng Group

From:Admin   Time:2020-03-27

On March 17, 2020, the first batch of dedicated side unloading loader for Chenggong Heavy Industry Tunnel was delivered to the strategic cooperation unit China Anneng Group Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. Hao Jiantao, deputy director of the material and equipment department of the Third Engineering Bureau of Anneng Group, and Li Xiaoyong, a senior engineer, went to Chenggong factory to check and accept these equipment. Zhu Wenbiao, Chairman of Chenggong, and Zhang Huilin, marketing director of Chenggong, attended the delivery ceremony.



During the epidemic situation, the Sichuan Luding Ying Liang Bao equipment of the Wuhan branch of China Anneng Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., an enterprise also belonging to the Chengdu area, could not leave its Wuhan base, and the construction site could not be resumed. Chenggong understood its strategic partner’s equipment supply problems, provided solutions as soon as possible, and completed the production and delivery of wheel loaders within 5 days. The successful delivery of this side-dumping loader fully demonstrated the rapid response advantage of the cooperation between local enterprises. The strategic cooperation between the two companies took a substantial step.



Hao Jiantao, Deputy Director of the Materials and Equipment Department of the Third Engineering Bureau of Anneng Group, and Li Xiaoyong, Senior Engineer



Wheel loaders were loaded and transported to the construction site of Ying Liang Bao Hydropower Station in Sichuan Luding city.



The equipment arrived at the construction site and was immediately put into the construction site.


After the equipment arriving, Chenggong service team shared maintenance knowledge with local drivers.

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