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Quality policy


Adhering to the strict new product design and innovation process: planning-design-prototype experiment-site verification-type production means most problems should be solved before products into the market, and ensuring that Mass production models are reliable and durable.

Every component is strictly controlled to ensure the ideal reliability,even under severe working conditions.

Chenggong has introduced TEAM technology into a new generation of construction machinery and equipment. By a new hydraulic and hydrodynamic transmission energy-saving technology with 100% intellectual property right and the application of Dynamic Simulated Structure Analysis Program in wheel loader design energy utilization efficiency and fuel economy are improved. Fuel consumption down 10%, but operating efficiency up 12%.


Chenggong aims to form a top-level supply chain and integrates excellent suppliers in the domestic construction machinery industry to provide a solid foundation for high quality products.

Chenggong cooperates with suppliers in nurturing attitude, and respects those suppliers as the co-creator of Chenggong brand.


Chenggong wheel loader and its series of products are manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO9000 quality standard system, participating in market competition with high reliability and durability.

Successful and mature construction machinery design and manufacturing concept with LP ( lean production )cultivate a new generation of professional staffs to carry forward craftsman spirit.

The process layout of Chenggong has reached the international advanced level in terms of logistics and manufacturing procedure allocation.
Employees average experience have been more than 12 years. The pursuit of high quality has become the career ideal for all Chenggong staffs.