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Construction machines have greatly improved production efficiency, shortened construction period and reduced labor intensity. At the same time, however, those equipments will inevitably cause certain harm to the environment. Exhaust gas, vibration, noise, dust, waste oil, etc. As an enterprise with a history of 68 years, protecting the natural environment is its responsibility. Chenggong uses its advantages in experience, technology, and awareness to reduce the damage to the environment during use, and to improve stability,service life and the utilization of product resources.

  • Emission

    TEAM power flow technology, significantly improves fuel efficiency and reduce energy consumption rate. A regular engine maintenance system not only prolongs the engine service life , but also keeps the engine in good working condition, and reduces the emissions of diesel NOX and PM.

  • Wasted oil

    Construction machineries inevitably produce waste oil. Chenggong handles the waste oil in strict accordance with relevant regulations during the maintenance or repair process.  It is forbidden to release waste oil outside the designated area.

  • Noise control

    LP (Lean production) improves machining accuracy, improves assembly processes, minimizing the noise generated by impact, friction, spray, and vibration between product components. The engine and cabin choose a series of shock-absorbing and noise-reducing designs and materials for better driving comfort and reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding area.

  • Recycling

    Chengggong conerns about equipment lifecycle management. Equipment recycling and scrapped vehicle recycling are important businesses of our company, making every inch of material as fully utilized as possible.