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Guests from Air Force Chengdu Equipment Factory to Chenggong

From:Admin   Time:2020-04-25

On April 23, 2020, Li Xuan, the director of the Fourth Maintenance Plant of the Air Force Chengdu Equipment Factory, and Li Yan, the deputy director, led 15 management personnel to Chenggong.



Chenggong's R&D and Manufacturing Department Director Cai Zhengjun, Technical Director Zhang Wang, Operation Director Chen Wu, General Assembly Section Chief Jin Tao, and Transmission & Axle Section Chief Pu Hong led the guests to visit the machining workshop, pipeline workshop and final assembly workshop.




The guests watched Chenggong products operation performance in the machine parking area. Chenggong staff introduced the production process, process requirements and quality standards in detail. The guests appreciated Chenggong's product quality-first lean manufacturing and business philosophy, standardized and orderly on-site management, one person with multiple machines, and the universal use of specialized tools to improve efficiency, international level processing equipment and craftsmanship, which showed that Chenggong was indeed a modern manufacturing enterprise.



Chenggong's chairman Zhu Wenbiao introduced the technologies of product planning, research and development, manufacturing, quality certification, testing, personnel training, operation, marketing, and service that modern manufacturing enterprises should possess. The fourth maintenance plant of the Air Force Chengdu Equipment Factory, Director Li Xuan Jian Shao, explained the purpose of this visit, laying a good foundation for future communication, military-civilian integration, and product upgrades.






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