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Representatives from Municipal People's Congress visiting CG

From:Admin   Time:2020-07-30

July 22, Yuan Xiaohua, member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal People's Congress( MPC )and chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Chengdu MPC, Ren Wenyu, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Longquanyi District People's Congress, and Wu Guojun, CPC secretary and President of the court of Longquanyi District, visited the Chenggong Chengdu factory. Mr. Zhu Wenbiao, chairman of Chenggong accompanied those guests during this visit.


Mr. Zhu Wenbiao, Chairman of Chenggong, introduced CG brand history to the guests.


Ms. Yuan Xiaohua, a member of the Standing Committee from Chengdu MPC, carefully observed the precision welding of high-pressure steel pipe.


Mr. Zhu Wenbiao expressed appreciation for the long time support from the Legislative Committee of the Chengdu MPC. Ms. Yuan Xiaohua accompanied by Mr. Zhu Wenbiao visited the factory's assembly workshop, pipeline workshop and finishing workshop. During the visit, Mr. Zhu Wenbiao introduced the company's business philosophy, lean manufacturing and product characteristics to the guests.


Ms. Yuan Xiaohua and Mr. Ren wenyu visited the special-designed rescue wheel loader.


Guests praised Chenggong for its high-quality path. Mr. Zhu Wenbiao also said that Chenggong would further enhance its research and development capacity and manufacturing technology, adhering to the quality prority development.




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