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New economy meeting between Chenggong and mortar industry

From:Admin   Time:2020-08-11

On August 10, a three-day meeting of the 2nd Mortar Forum of Western China concluded successfully in Chengdu Yinhe Dynasty Hotel. Mr. Zhu Wenbiao, chairman of Chenggong, was invited to deliver the speech "Using Technology to Promote high-quality development ". The speech explained Chenggong's understanding of the new economy from three aspects: "Direction of the new economy", "Micro and macro value of the new economy" and "Thinking errors affecting the development of the new economy".



Mr. Zhu Wenbiao, chairman of Chenggong, mentioned "the new economy’s characteristics of high quality " including less cost, more profit, high quality, environment friendly, sustainable and competitive in international market. The current old economy carried out supply-side reform to change low per capita output value, low added value, high resource consumption, environmental pollution, low return on investment, integrity problems, Chinese products image synonymous with cheap goods. Chenggong was determined to produce high-quality products and promote high-quality economic development in the construction machinery field.


Direction of new economy and the analysis of current economic situation


Mr. Zhu Wenbiao, Chairman of Chenggong, compared the old with the new products as an example to analyze the value of the new economy from the micro and macro perspectives.


Involving in the new economy, some companies failed into the greedy, simple and impetuous thinking.



This forum focused on "green, market-oriented, A destiny community". Forum was held by Chinese mortar network, Sichuan Pioneer institute, Chengdu ready-mixed mortar industry association, Chongqing concrete association, mortar branch of Chongqing concrete association, Shaanxi concrete association. Representatives of construction and mortar companies from Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi and Yunnan scholars also joined in this forum.



August 11, Chenggong invited the participants of the second Western China Mortar Forum to its factory and discussed how to promote the high-quality development.

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