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Chenggong 30 wheel loader could be treated as a glory and benchmark product of China's construction machinery industry.The CG930K, a new generation built by China Chenggong Heavy Co.,Ltd, inherits all the traditional advantages of Chenggong's 30 wheel loader with lean production concept and the optimized supply chains,plays a new benchmark role for its reliability and durability.The 4,000-hour warranty service and 12,000 hours of design life allow customers to experience its charming performance.

Major specification
  • Engine :Weichai WP6G125E201
  • Engine optional:Weichai WP6G125E333
  • Rated power / Rated revolution:92kW/2000rpm
  • Rated load weight:3000kg
  • Standard bucket size:1.8m³
  • Operation weight:10200kg
  • L x W x H ( mm ):7132x2551x3193
  • Turning radius:5500mm
  • Traction force:106kN

3 tons model. Joystick (pilot control), ir-conditioner, Chenggong 30 wet axle, Weichai National II or III engine.


Forged hydraulic cylinder head is hard to break, and the piston rod quenched by medium frequency brings higher hardness, strength and longer life.


Chenggong TEAM hydraulic system, the bucket breakout force 102kN.


Wire harness is made of world-class processing equipment and plug-in components. It is firmly connected, sealed and corrosion-resistant, ensuring stable power supply for all vehicles.


MB1200 mixing bucket, as an optional, makes the concrete operation simple and efficient. It can be shovel and can be stirred, showing its multi-functional performance. It is widely praised by domestic and foreign customers.