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C18 is a heavy-duty forklift wheel loader designed and manufactured by Chenggong for the massive stone. This model is widely used in the marble mining industry, with a tonnage of 18 ton.It accepts 88 suggestions from customer feedback. C18 is more reliable, more powerful and easy control.

Major specification
  • Engine:Weichai WP10G220E343
  • Rated load(≤1620mm):18000kg
  • Working pressure:20Mpa
  • Transmission:4 F / 3 R
  • Wheelbase:3280mm
  • Tire:23.5-25-32PR L3 pattern
  • L x W x H:8170mm x 2200mm x 3480mm
  • Operating weight:23600kg

C18 forklift body is made of reinforced profiles and is designed with a classic box structure and an excellent robot welding process to further enhance the load carrying capacity.

The transmission, axles and drive shafts are designed based on the years-recorded data , closely matching the quarry working conditions.

Pilot control and A/C are easy for drivers operating 18 tons of stone.

Z-reverse six-bar linkage mechanism with good translation and deflection resistance.

High-strength steel fork, not easy to deform, high adjustability.

The full load lifting height could reach 1.62 meters, and the carrying capacity is stronger when the low position is forked.

Classic articulated structure, reliable rear swing, four-wheel drive, 32-level tires with tire protection chain for different road conditions.