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Equipment arriving Chenggong Suining factory

From:Admin   Time:2020-12-02

6:00 AM/Nov 29th, 48 units full loaded truck with machinery and equipment set off from Chenggong Chengdu factory to Suining factory. At 10:00, the first batch successfully arrived at The Euro-American Industrial Park of Suining Economic Development Zone. Ms.Xiangli, Secretary of the CPC working Committee of Economic Development Zone, Mr. Zhu wenbiao, Chairman Of Chenggong and Mr. Chengfa, Deputy Mayor of Suining GOP successively delivered speeches. Chenggong officially settled in Suining City.



Equipment installation, and the first unit of "Made in Suining" wheel loader were planned within Dec of 2020.



Chenggong history was tightly connected with the development of New China. It was one of the three main manufacturers of construction wheel loaders in China. Over the past 70 years, Chenggong undergone multiple rounds of adjustment such as joint venture and restructuring. In September 2018, the company was restructured and formally named as China Chenggong Heavy Industry Co., LTD.


Suining, located between Chengdu City & Chongqing, was an important transportation hub with unique location advantage and developed industrial foundation. Especially under the construction plan of "Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle", Suining focused on five major manufacturing development in recent years. The machinery and equipment manufacturing industry developed rapidly, a good time window for Chenggong wheel construction machinery project.



Chenggong and Suining chose each other. From project signing to equipment relocation, Chenggong and Suining had been adhering to the principle of sincere cooperation and win-win cooperation. Suining Economic Development Zone organized a special service team lead by the management committee with a designated project secretary. A "four-level linkage" mechanism ensured the project construction and took 83 days for plant construction and 7 months for new equipment installation.


In the future, based on Suining, Chenggong would take the lead in serving the economic and social development of Suining, and prosper Suining. Mr. Zhu Wenbiao, chairman of Chenggong, said Chenggong would further enhance the brand value, live up to the expectations of the public and keep innovation, and help Suining to build an important machinery and equipment production base in western China region.



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